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Important COVID-19 Update - August 10, 2021

• Visitors MUST still wear a non-medical face covering that covers the nose and mouth. 

• Visitors are asked to pay attention to signage posted on the main entrance and throughout the lobby area.

• Public access is limited to 2 person(s) at a time. 

• Please follow markings on the floor to ensure social distancing.

• Visitors will be required to use hand sanitizer (provided) before being served by staff.

• Staff will disinfect surfaces after each visitor.

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​Brief History...

  • Located in sheltered bay it has been home to many fishermen and a strategic location in early times as it is located just a few miles from the capital, St. John's.

  • ​Bay Bulls first appears on a 1592 map drawn by Thomas Hood. The exact origin of the name is a mystery, however; Bishop Howley believed it was originally named Bay Boulle by Jersey fishermen. Some other variations conjectured that it comes from the common Dovekie Bull-Bird which can be found in the area.

  • Bay Bulls is a fishing community and was established because of its closeness to the rich fishing grounds on the Grand Banks. Due to its proximity to St. John's the population is becoming more of a bedroom community for people employed there.  It has also become a great Tourism stop for whale, birds and iceberg sightseeing!

  • Population: 1500 (2016 Canada Census)

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