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For Immediate Release

Town of Bay Bulls Summer Employment Opportunity

Deadline to apply is Friday, May 17, 2024

For Eligibility and Position Details click here


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For Immediate Release

Town of Bay Bulls Adopts the 2024 Municipal Operating Budget

December 1, 2023

The Town of Bay Bulls has recently completed its 2024 Municipal Budget and is pleased to announce that taxpayers will not receive any increases to the rates and fees for 2024.  The Town worked diligently to ensure there would be no increase to the mil rate for the upcoming year and are thrilled to be able to deliver on this commitment.  In keeping with our commitment to foster growth and sustainability within the Town of Bay Bulls, while also tackling the economic challenges faced by many of our residents and businesses, the Town will be offering four (4) incentive programs:



Incentive 1 – Residential Discount

Residential tax-payers who pay their invoice in full by May 31, 2024 will receive a 12% discount on the total payable.


Incentive 2 – Interest- Free Payment Plan

Our Interest Relief Program for residents and business owners who wish to make a payment arrangement to pay their invoice in full by November 30.  Participation in the Interest Relief Program will require residents and business owners to sign an agreement outlining payment dates and amounts.  Missed payments will be considered a default on the agreement and any interest accrued will be applied to the tax payer’s account.


Incentive 3 – New Residential Construction

The New Home Construction Incentive Program provides new homeowners with a $0 property tax bill for the first 1-year of occupancy.  The incentive will be applied automatically by our Town staff and does not require an application for review.


Incentive 4 – New Businesses

Our New Business Tax Incentive Program will provide new businesses with a 1-year business tax exemption. The program requires an application for review and is applied at Council’s discretion.

We look forward to continuing to provide our residents with quality services, recreational spaces, activities and programming, and capital upgrades to our roads and trail.


If you have any questions about your upcoming tax invoice or would like more information about our incentive programs, please contact the Town office at or (709) 334-3454.

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